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Privacy Screen Protector 3Pcs

Privacy Screen Protector 3Pcs

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Experience the ultimate safeguard for your personal and private information with our Privacy Screen Protector. Specifically designed for iPhone SE through the current iPhone 15, this cutting-edge accessory ensures that your sensitive data remains hidden from prying eyes in crowded buses, elevators, subways, or any other public spaces. The screen is exclusively visible to the person directly facing it, providing you with a discreet and secure digital world.


  • Applicable Models: iPhone SE to iPhone 15
  • Privacy Protection: Screen is visible only to the person facing it, safeguarding your personal information.
  • Brightness Adjustments: Note that when using the privacy protector, the brightness of your phone screen may decrease, and it is recommended to increase the brightness while using it.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: A mere 0.33mm thickness ensures the same responsiveness and touch experience as a naked phone, preserving 99% of the original ultra HD picture quality.
  • Plasma Oil Repellent Coating: The glass screen protector is treated with this coating, preventing fingerprints caused by sweat and oil stains, and enhancing screen visibility.
  • Easy Installation: Designed with a simple installation frame, the screen protector can be effortlessly aligned with your phone's screen, leaving no unsightly bubbles. Enjoy your screen as if the protector doesn't exist.
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